Saturday, February 26, 2011

At least my muse isn't dead in a gutter somewhere...

Been tough to write more than a couple of times a week these days. Rather than obsess about getting 3-4 posts out, I just don't do it if I don't have the time. The culprit is work, mostly. I just can't start writing at 11 PM, finish at 2 AM, and wake up at 5:30. Trust me: I need all the beauty sleep I can get.

Hoping Sunday will afford some time to write a few posts (for the record: I've NEVER been able to write more than one in one sitting. Just not enough firepower between the ears). In the meantime, I've posted pictures for some potential topics of upcoming blog posts. Discuss!

I'll be working in Las Vegas most all of next week, so the odds of lots of posts are pretty slim. Hit me on twitter (; if anything, the buzzing of my phone might distract me from dropping hundreds of dollars on a Kansas City Royals spring training game.

future post showing you how to jerk your pork like I jerk my jerk pork.

how to eat and drink beyond your means (the secret is to not look at your bank account and assume all is well).

when the ideas are coming slowly and infrequently, kick the "a glass of wine is 5 oz." myth to the curb.

lobster moustaches: not just for gentlemen anymore.

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