Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What the @#%&*!! have I gotten myself into?

Call it dogmatic obligation. Call it spiritual vision quest. Call it personal challenge. Call it health ultimatum. Call it bat-shit insanity.

Whatever you want to call it, I've decided I will eat no animal product for the next 48 days. During Lent, I always try to sacrifice something. As a pretty lax Catholic, it's probably not buying me a whole of lot equity in the afterlife, but it's a challenge I always try to accomplish. For some reason, I make it pretty tough. I've done sweets. I've done red meat. I've even done booze (see Mom, I'm not really a "wino"). But this is an undertaking of stupefying proportions.

Let's say it's "modified vegan". I don't really care about any of the philosophical doctrine of veganism (you may just see me flossing a fur coat while drinking my green drink at the local smoothie shack). I just want to stay away from animal product, including meat, fish, and dairy. Furthermore, I want to accomplish three things:

1) Sweep some of this pesky cholesterol out of the pipes
2) Challenge myself
3) Learn how to cook more tasty, satisfying vegetarian dishes.

So, no meat, no dairy for 48 days. I'll drink wine, and I don't care if it's vegan-approved. I may even- in a moment of great weakness- scarf down some fish if desperate. But, I'm going into this challenge open-minded. I respect those who stick to a vegetarian diet for the health benefits or religious obligation, and I hope I can get some help and advice along the way. I'll probably try to post some recipes and even wine pairings if I scare up some winners.

And where will you find me April 4th? Probably at a churrascaria, scarfing down animals, both dangerous and delicious.

Wish me luck!

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