Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Slowin' Me Down

I have posts to write. Wines to taste. Other blogs to read. Networking aplenty. Building my brand. Creating synergy. All those B.S. buzz words you heard in business school.

But I can't do any of it. Why? Because of this stupid thing. What is it? It's a didgeridoo. More specifically, it's a beeswax mouthpiece for a didgeridoo.

Short story: I'm working on a post about some Aussie wines and Super Bowl foods with which they were paired. I figured, "what would make the post better than me jammin' on the didge?" So, I pull it out of mothballs, only to realize I can't play the stupid thing. At all. Hours of research later, I learn that the mouthpiece is too small. I'm not making a good seal. You can't play didge with facial hair. I can't circular-breathe (which is easy...I know it's easy...thanks, Joe @!). All of this culminating in me going to the craft store and dropping $16 on a block of beeswax to make a "proper" mouthpiece. I thought I was just supposed to blow into the thing and make a cool sound.

Anyway, I've become obsessed with getting it right. I think that's why I fell head-over-heels into this wine stuff. When my DNA gets a bug, I won't stop- at anything- to get it done. My wife even woke me up in the middle of the night on Monday because she thought I was hyperventilating and having a seizure. Actually, I was having a dream where I figured out how to circular breathe and I was playing the didgeridoo like crazy. Even sleep can't separate me from this damn thing!

So, everything seems to have been put on hold. I've got to get this down. Now if you'd excuse me, I have to go watch another ridiculous video like this one:

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