Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to use Twitter; How to use Cactus

High drama on Twitter...

...a couple weeks ago, I waltzed into local Harry's Farmers Market (yes, waltzed), camera in hand, with a good idea for some posts. I was also buying beans...or was it chicken? Anyway, Harry's- formerly a local place- was acquired by Whole Foods several years ago. As with any Whole Foods, I knew it'd be chock full of weird stuff I've never used in the cooking process.

So, I start snapping away. About 8 pictures in, I was approached by an employee who asked me to quit taking pictures. He said it was against policy.

I complied, understanding that this guy was just doing his job. However- slightly confused an perturbed- I went to Twitter instead of management. I'd heard the Whole Foods folks run a tight social media ship, so I figured I'd put them to the test. And here we go:

Notice the time of response:

Not long after, I received this message from the local store:

I hope no one got in trouble. I was just curious about the policy, and I frankly wanted to check out their Twitter chops. I have to admit: this incredibly quick response and action taken was impressive. This is the power of the internet, especially social media. I became part of the conversation, and a simple complaint changed policy in favor of the consumer. Well done, Whole Foods.

So, how did I get into this whole bugaboo in the first place? I wanted to post, maybe once a week (or if I'm short on material or effort), a picture of a food I've never cooked. With all the tremendous food-folks who read, yours truly was hoping to glean some insight from the more-enlightened. Recipes, ideas, or impassioned shouts to "stay away!" appreciated:

Nopales Cactus....GO!

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