Monday, February 15, 2010

"What do I do with this?", part 2

Last week, I posted a picture of a Nopales Cactus, hoping to get some suggestions on how I could cook it (as it was in a grocery-type store). However, I think I goofed and had the purpose of the post buried in a steamy tale of Social Media controversy and intrigue*. While the post was graced with a good response from you: the physically attractive, sharp-witted, and shameless-flattery-immune readership, I didn't get any insight into cactus cookery.

*actual post not as interesting as described. Decide for yourself HERE.

With my ranting and raving on the subject properly expelled unto the world wide interweb, I'm afforded focus on the task at hand. So, foodies, gastronauts, chefs, culinary mad scientists, and eaters of all circumferences, I present the next food I have no idea how to cook:

Celery Root. I hear about it in all sorts of purees and stuff, but nothing really beyond that. Is it tasty in a roasted application? Can I throw it in a low-country boil? I'm riveted with curiosity here, folks!

Sure, I could pop around the world wide interweb and figure it out. But I'm sure I'll be distracted by some dancing hamsters or an ad promising me sexier bedroom situations, so my attention-deficient self is in your capable hands. Make me proud!

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