Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wine Label Hell

This post is a disaster of misuse. All these pics were pulled from somewhere on the interweb. They are not intended for business purposes, as the business of this blog is not very profitable. Or profitable at all. If you get mad about a pic, I'll take it down. But I'll be sad. And so will my readers. They're a sensitive (and smart, and good-looking) bunch.

I was reading a very old post on Dr. Vino today about a contest to find the worst wine label. It got me to thinking... has the worst label really even come to market yet? So many possibilities...

...oh, and I'm trying to play it cool and sophisticated, but if I saw any bottle with one of these labels, no matter the swill within, there's about a 100% chance I would buy it:

and, the pièce de résistance:

Got a pic that would make a really awesome/terrible wine label? Throw it up on the facebook page at facebook.com/suburbanwino, and let the weirdness ensue!

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