Monday, June 6, 2011

Mondays make me so steamed.

Used to be, come mid-afternoon on a Sunday, I'd be able to tuck into writing a couple posts for the coming week. One day of hardcore hunting-and-pecking, and some family time the rest of the week. It freed me up to go to bed at decent hours and surf the web for pictures of sharks with human teeth.

Lately, for whatever reason, getting a Monday post out is an exercise in futility. Maybe if I wasn't busy galavanting around on Saturday nights like a European playboy, I'd have some time to finish copious chores early and get to writing in a timely fashion.

The rub is that the Monday post is critical. Many Loverboy fans are reluctantly slogging back to the office, and the only thing that can get them through the morning is strong coffee and doing anything to avoid actual work. Blogs and Bow Man 2 fit this profile swimmingly.

Alas, I'm trying to figure this out. There's got to be a solution I can muster.

I wonder if the devil could write me a hit Monday post...

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