Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I drank this weekend...

Seems a lot of beverage bloggers like to inform everyone of what they drank over the weekend, offering reviews, notes, and recommendations. Never being above flagrant imitation, I figured I'd follow suit:

Novartis Consumer Health Theraflu "Flu & Sore Throat", Natural Apple Cinnamon Flavor, NV: very clear in color, almost like water, until the packet was emptied into the water, thus changing it to a brownish, medicine-y color. The nose was very, very tight. From what I know about Theraflu- especially this particular blend- I expected lots of natural apple cinnamon notes. However, I got nothing. I can't say for sure, but this may have had something to do with the fact that I couldn't smell a damn thing, period. In the mouth, I got the distinct, bitter flavor of acetaminophen, and a ton of heat. However, I'm pretty confident the heat came less from alcohol and more from the fact that this drink was served piping hot. Overall, I gave it 3.5 out of 5 snot wads.

Tropicana "100% Juice" Orange Juice, NV: yellow-orange, very opaque in the glass. On the nose, I got loads of citrus fruit. I don't like to get too specific, but definitely oranges. Like a whole bushel of oranges. In the mouth, the barrage of oranges continued. It tasted almost as if it was made from 100% oranges. Crazy. Definitely quite a bit of residual sugar in this one, but it was certainly kept in check by ripping acidity. This one just spit my tongue in two with a strong backbone of what seemed to be much more of a citric acid than malic, lactic, or even tartaric. Along with that, the mouthfeel was heavy, supple, almost...pulpy, if that makes any sense. I imagine it wasn't heavily filtered or fined, but I noticed no designation on the bottle, nor any references to organic or biodynamic farming and production methods. 3 out of 5 snot wads here.

Canada Dry "Gingered" Ale, NV: I say this bottle was non-vintage, but it mentioned "since 1904", so in the case that this was indeed a vintage bottling, I was pleased to see a screw-cap stopper, rather than a cork, as I didn't want my $1.99 to go to waste on an oxidized product. In the glass, I delighted at not only the rich, golden color, but the bubbling frizzante, something I rarely see in Canadian product. When probed with my eager nose, the "gingered" ale exuded bunches of bubbles, causing me to sneeze quite violently. On the palate, I got quite a bit of sweetness, which surprised me a bit, as the name- Canada Dry- suggested otherwise. I also got rather pronounced flavors of ginger. Huzzah for "gingered" ale, indeed! A worthy tipple, garnering 4 out of 5 snot wads.

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