Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Mid-Week Cop Out.

A lot of folks put up a lazy post and call it "Wordless Wednesday" or something like that. I'm admitting that it's 2 AM, I've been working all night, and I ain't writing at this point.

However, sometimes a picture is worth more than lots of drawn-out blather (as is common here).

A couple weeks ago, the fine folks at Balzac Communications sent me some samples from Napa's Folie à Deux winery. All crowd-pleasing wines in around that $15-25 , provided your crowd is into a fruit-forward style, smoothed-out tannins, and a decent amount of oak. Most crowds are, except for the cantankerous, Mosel-horny winos with whom I occasionally run. There are better values (Spain, Portugal, South of France, Southern Italy, New Zealand) out there in that price range, but this is a very popular style, and- as I said- most folks will dig these wines just fine. I had no problem with them; sometimes I'm into that mess too.

But I digress. What the fine folks who sent the samples didn't realize is that when a bottle of wine is sent to Woodstock, GA, there's a pretty good chance it'll end up in a picture like this:

I'm sure this is how so many around the country imagine Georgia: booze + redneck headgear + NRA neighbor = hootenanny.

Of course the picture is blatant hyperbole... I think.

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