Monday, October 19, 2009

When there's no wine...

There are a ton of great wine writers and bloggers out there. Not only are they putting out quality content with every post, but they're doing it frequently- you know, like every day. Some entertaining, some profound, some educational. If you want to check some of them out, take a gander at my blogroll ----> (well it might be V- that's a down arrow- then ---->). Just look around. I'm tired of messing with all these arrows. Anyway, all these great rants, creative videos, artistic photographs, and intuitive tasting notes...damn, that must mean a LOT of wine is getting consumed, right?

So, I've always been curious: what are these folks doing on the nights that they AREN'T drinking wine? Surely, everyone's not drinking a bottle of wine every night (I anxiously await the dissenting opinions and cries of "heresy" I surely just stirred), right? I frankly don't know. Perhaps crafting a great wine blog requires not only a golden quill and a rapier's wit, but also a parched throat, precision-tuned palate, ample gullet, and ironclad liver. Yeah, I agree. The best wine bloggers out there are sort of like low-level super heroes.

And while I may have all those (call it Irish temperance), many nights just don't work. Early day at the office tomorrow, tons of meetings, and an evening full of activities. It's pretty much the M.O. of a typical weeknight 'round these parts. And being one of those nights, I'm gonna stay away from the wine. Pairing with a peanut butter sandwich can be tricky anyway.

But, I can always dream about the next bottle. The anticipation of discovering something great. The excitement of learning something new; a previously-unknown scent, an intriguing new flavor, a wine from a completely undiscovered region. Most importantly, I dream about finding that next great gem to share with friends and family. Something delicious, affordable, and accessible...

Okay, maybe not that affordable and accessible. Can you believe Mad Dog's up to $4.50 a bottle now?! Ooh la la, do I get some crocodile loafers with that "Peaches & Cream"??

Anyway, for the company's sake, and for the virtue of moderation, no wine tonight. Be it the rule or the exception, I don't know. But I have to hold on to the belief that- sometimes- even low-level superheroes need a night off.

So, with nothing to toast with, I'll just say...Goodbye, Hasta Luego, Arrivederci, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, and Sayonara!

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