Monday, June 21, 2010


Like a master blender, putting together the assemblage for a perfect representation of one Champagne producer's house style, 0r like a drunken clown trying to say his A-B-C's backwards to a suspicious traffic cop (the latter probably better echoing my level of sophistication), I am laser-focused on two things this week:

1) The worldwide #PinotNoir Twitter event, hosted by Wine Tonite!, Sip With Me, and myself, on July 15. More on that later, but there are more details at

2) The 2010 North American Wine Blogging Conference. Clearly by some clerical error, I've been selected to host a panel on "Top Gun" blogging, along with Drew from Vineyard Vlog and Ben from Vinotology. Frankly, I feel left out in the fact that my blog title does not contain a single "V". However, despite my delusions of exclusion, I guarantee all those attending "Top Gun Blogging" a humdinger of a time (or is it a hootenanny?), or no money back!

Why should you attend "Top Gun Blogging"? Here's why:

See you in Walla Walla...

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