Monday, June 7, 2010

Crabbin' for a kid

It was a hot one today. Muggy. Like breathing through a wet towel.

("Muggy" is a word that has to do with humidity, California)

It was sticky. A day you would choose to spend in the cool embrace of a swimming pool, or inside, taking advantage of the modern convenience of air conditioning, which brought the South into the modern age.

So, why were we standing outside, amidst not only the ambient heat and humidity, but tenfold expelled from the crawfish pot and burner. Madness.

But, a wives' tale says blue crabs are good to induce labor. And with Your Dekalb Farmers' Market offering live dungeness crabs, we figured the blues' bigger cousins might expedite the process..., it's 12:45 AM, and no baby yet. However, the wife is feeling weird. At the very least, it was a darn good meal:

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