Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Got Surveyed

There will be no sweet hip-hop dance moves here. And there will be no actual "serving". How could I possibly attempt to serve my audience? Being served is so humiliating. Will I serve you pancakes or maybe a Capri-Sun if you come by my house? You bet. But I'm not gonna drop the tightest of science upon your unsuspecting broke a$$ on the dance floor. That's just not the kind of serving that goes on 'round these parts.

However, I will survey you. No this is not a lame attempt at a "comment grab". I'm not lobbying for AdSense to up my earnings from $0.02 a fiscal quarter to $0.03 a fiscal quarter. I just genuinely want to know something (though that extra cent could sure come in handy at the ol' General Store). Anyway, I've heard a few grumblings about the white font on the black background. I thought that was the way to do things, and- apparently- there is a graphic design and presentation professional who does need to get a proper serving out there. I've just been taught that a black background pushes lighter font towards the eye, and a white background swallows up darker font. Perhaps it's malarky. I don't know.

So, I'm asking you. I need the feedback, because I don't want to have to reformat this site, but I'll do if if you want me to. Remember: I'd serve you pancakes, no questions asked. I would certainly also do what is required to make the site more enjoyable. Hit me back, kids!

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