Monday, April 5, 2010

The West Coast is the Better of the Two Coasts?

Sitting in the lobby, looking over the waves of the Pacific crash against the rocky outcrops that seem so foreign to what I've known as "the beach". Unfortunately, I've yet to see Snoop here, as I'm eager to make a case for the benefits of my beloved East Coast.

But, from a wine perspective, I am a little giddy. Sure, I have tremendous respect for the unique offerings of every square inch of land peppered with vines (if you don't believe that, read my last two posts, and especially the comments), but the incredible access to acreage under vine in California is every wine geek's dream (sort of like Snoopy here with a bona fide doctor's diagnosis of glaucoma). California's production accounts for around 90% of the United States' wine production, so they ain't skeered (a phrase you don't hear 'round these parts) to throw up some vines. Consider the fact that Oregon, Washington, and New York are making a TON of wine, so that hopefully puts in perspective the fact that California is making a s**t ton of wine (Mom said I was cussing too much on the site).

For now, my base of operations is Laguna Beach. Definitely posh. Overly so; making a humble suburban wino feel a bit out-of-place. I had a $17 bowl of oatmeal this morning. The gummy bears in the mini bar are $6. I'm drinking a $30 glass of 2005 Chateau Montelena Cab right now. So much for a concept of the value of the dollar. I guess oatmeal's very rare here.

But, my options are endless: Temecula to the southeast (I've gotten an overwhelming "meh" from folks on the wine there, but if they're making wine unique to their terroir, I'm obligated by my convictions to respect it), Los Angeles to the north (where I may try to run into great new wine bloggers Swirl Smell Slurp if I apply myself). Santa Barbara County's up the road another piece, banging out really great Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, and other wines often labeled "Central Coast".

For now, my mind's not made up on where this trip will take me. So many options, and I promise to document for your amusement. Until then (like the mutha flippin' Dee oh double G), just chill... 'til the next episode.

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