Wednesday, April 28, 2010

But what if your name doesn't happen to be "Eddie Money"?

I have to confess. I've got to come clean with you.

Despite all my talk on this site about access to luxuries like Royal Crown Cola and perhaps a ritzy dinner on special occasions at Sizzler, the wife and I are not wealthy. Are we thankful for what we have? Of course. Are we better off than many in America (and especially the world), and do we try to give back to the less-fortunate when we can? Yeah. I think that's the least we can do as human beings.

That being said, things are tight right now, as I'm sure they are for so many out there. In particular (for the purpose of this post), there are really talented wine bloggers out there who are just trying to make ends meet; maybe stalking the super-rich, just trying to steal a sip of vino from discarded bottles in the trashcans of mega-stars like Bronson Pinchot, Curtis Armstrong, and Willie Aames. Those fat cats take everything for granted...

For this reason, some really wonderful people created the Wine Bloggers' Conference Scholarship (in particular, Thea from Luscious Lushes ...if you're on twitter, you will always be entertained by following @winebratsf). Anyway, the WBCS allows bloggers to apply for a scholarship that covers registration for the Wine Bloggers' Conference, airfare, and lodging. Considering the 2010 Conference is in remote Walla Walla, WA (but worth being remote: the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah- among others- coming out of there is ridiculous), airfare is mighty expensive, and hotels are few. All-in-all, the expenses can equate to close to a thousand dollars+.

I fully intend to be a big supporter of this effort in the future. Right now...well, here's what's going on:

- first child being born in June. These baby-stuff manufacturers really relish in having your number. Maternity clothes? Are they sewn from the wool of unicorns or something?!
- the wife and I have started a company, and start up costs generally precede positive cash flow.
- don't buy a house in 2006. I imagine this advice will not be helpful to anyone at this juncture.

Luckily, I know we've planned relatively well, and we'll be fine. Things are just tight right now for extracurricular activities, and right now is when the Wine Bloggers' Conference is going down. I need to make it clear that I'm not illustrating these points to ask for money. I'm breaking it down to communicate that there are certainly other bloggers- most more talented that me- who are probably in similar situations. Many of them- scholarship applicants- have been "wait listed" for funding (myself included) to get up to Walla Walla and develop themselves into even better, more influential, and- most importantly- more entertaining writers to keep you amused when a productive day of work just doesn't seem to be a rational choice.

So, if you've been looking for a cause to donate, thank you for having a generous spirit. Yes, there are certainly more noble causes; I don't think a blogger who doesn't make it to Walla Walla will succumb to river blindness. But, if you are a supporter of the arts and the proliferation of human creativity and self-expression, then I humbly ask that you consider donating to the Wine Bloggers' Scholarship. Whether the funding goes to myself or another worthy blogger, it will certainly go to good use.

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