Sunday, August 9, 2009

Star Provisions knows Woodstock

This is the propaganda plied to the "city folk" about my little nook of suburbia. I'm offended that they assume we're a bunch of yokels in need of duck calls. I mean, anyone with a shred of knowledge knows that Woodstock, GA natives are yokels in need of duck calls, turkey calls, and some deer antlers to rattle together. Short-sighted, city slickers...

I kid. I did think this was a funny thing to be sold at Star Provisions, one of the many meccas to great food in metro Atlanta. The wife and I stopped down there for a French cheese and wine tasting the other day, hosted by Tim Gaddis, cheesemonger at Star Provisions (check him out here on Twitter). I think my cheese palate is pretty unsophisticated, but I'll keep trying. It was a great experience anyway. As an added bonus, I finally got to hang out with Hardy Wallace, not only of Dirty South Wine, but also wine-world superstar and new Murphy-Goode employee. Everything you've heard is true: Hardy is such a down-to-earth guy, completely humble and really engaging. I wish him the best and I'm pretty bummed we just got to meet right before he takes off to Northern Cali...I'll find a way to booze it up with that guy someday.

Anyway, as I'm developing a more-than-platonic love for my new MacBook Pro, I decided to mess around with the iMovie and put together a collection of shots from the visit. This truly is food porn at it's very best.

Until next time, Cheers, Sláinte, Salud, Prost, Skål, Konbe, and Kampai!

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