Friday, July 3, 2009

As American as Apple Pie-flavored White Lightnin'

Preparing to run the annual Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta this weekend, so my consumption of tasty foods, sturdy beers, and fine wines has been somewhat curbed, replaced by fruit smoothies, rooftop Tai Chi, and- of course- heavy dosings of delicious oxygen. Sadly, my purge has left me little material for a proper post, as pertaining to the usual subject-matter.

That is, until I realized it's the 4th of July (almost)! I wanted to post something distinctly American. But more critically, I wanted to cut corners and post a video that expresses my love for my country in lieu of words. The this end, I must thank the heavens for this gem from the Dancing Outlaw (an absolute MUST SEE). This clip, in my humble opinion, captures the essence- nay, the raw and raucous spirit- of what it is to be American. Happy 4th, and may all your Mud Balls be patriotic!

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