Thursday, June 25, 2009

A slightly more original tribute to the King of Pop

Hearing the news today, there's no question the blogosphere is mourning the death of a true music icon. Love him or hate him for his controversial life, there's absolutely no question- from a pure musical perspective- that Michael Jackson was one of the most profound influence on popular music as we know it.

I'm sure that there are music videos posted everywhere, and I bet you thought I would do the same. Well, I felt I needed to offer tribute, but forget the videos; you can see them somewhere else. The real question is: how many of you remember MJ's forgettable Sega Genesis game, "Moonwalker"???

Rest in Peace, Thriller. Whether your end led you to salvation or damnation, you truly were one of a kind, and I- for one- am glad you mostly stuck to music over palpably-creepy video games.
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