Monday, April 13, 2009

One ad NOT to click

Listen, I really appreciate when you click my ads on the site. It helps the sponsors, and it helps me make a little scratch, which I invariably spend on wine to drink and review.

However, I don't choose the advertisers at this point. They're generated by Google to "match" the content of the site.

I saw one that said "How Rachael Ray lost 28 lbs" Frankly, I don't give a damn how Rachel Ray lost 28 lbs, and you shouldn't either. If you click on that ad, I will take the penny that I get for the click and drop it off the top of the Sears Tower, sure to- according to urban legend- cause certain death to a bystander. So, then maybe you'll think before you click that link. Or, maybe they'll change the link to say, "Wanna learn how Rachael Ray lost 28 lbs? Hope you don't mind having the blood of an innocent Windy City tourist on your hands..."

YUM-O! YUM-O! (actually, I better be careful. I will probably be dead soon at the hands of Rachael Ray's minions). The funny thing is, now that I've written a post about Rachael Ray (due to the ads being generated by content), all the ads will probably be about Rachael Ray, and then you won't click them, and the system will grind to a halt.

Rachael Ray - 1, Joe Herrig - 0. Curses!


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