Monday, December 8, 2008

Writers' block...

...always make for a good blog post, huh?

I was on a roll with something about Christmas-time hangovers, and then I realize my creativity and mastery of the English language had been stymied by...Christmas-time hangovers. I was going to discuss the delicious wines I sipped, nay, guzzled over the weekend. Unfortunately, "guzzling" almost always leads to something shitty; in this case, journalism. How does that lovable drunk Bourdain do it?

So, watch this until I can think of something better. The guy who dubbed over this video is a genius who obviously put in more time than I did this post (gimme a break! At least I posted something this month!):

EDDIE VAN HALEN SHREDS! (this is too funny)


  1. Thanks...did it all in photoshop. Actually drew the redneck guy with a mouse in "paint"...pretty proud of myself.

    BTW: the picture of the barrels is from Quixote

  2. What I don't understand being a child of the 80's, how could I not see through this? I thought this s**t was Aladin's lamp.