Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sandwich Logic

My (at times) enviable friend Mike always gets to travel to cool places and eat delicious regional delights. Few things draw my ire than sitting in my office, eating canned soup or a bologna sandwich, and Mike sends me a picture of his lunch, a delicious pile of Arthur Bryant's BBQ, since he just happens to be in Kansas City, at the venerable mecca to smoked meats.

Today, I get a picture of the corned beef sandwich above. You guessed it: that jackass is in New York City. I think I ate an El Pollo Loco burrito for lunch. Not bad (quite delicious, really), but certainly not the perfection that is a NYC Corned Beef. I told him not to choke on it.

However, the picture of the sandwich did more than make me jealous. It reminded me of a very funny and intuitive article my sister wrote about sandwiches (or "samiches", as she calls them). Check it out HERE


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