Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oy Vey.

After trudging through 3 hours of some of the worst writing I've ever cobbled together, the time came to cut my losses. I mean, there were tasting notes in the post. Tasting Notes!!

In the end, just moments before unleashing the foulest collection of words from the bowels of literary hell, I determined that this had more journalistic merit:

No, the Redneck Vampire does not live in my neighborhood. But he probably lives in the one across the street. I hear his undead bride is pretty trashy.

Anyway, the WSET studying is getting hot & heavy, so I fear that the posts may be a little sparse for the next month. And if I can't get anything good out to you, I'd rather chalk it up to a temporary focus elsewhere, than to shamelessly turn this piece of cyberspace into my personal outhouse...

Back soon, with something worthy of these pages. Which, I suppose, isn't saying much either. But I still love you. And love will keep us together. Or tear us apart. Guess it all depends on if you're into Captain & Tennille, or Joy Division.

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