Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playing Catsup

Or "ketchup". Or "catch up". Whatever, as the kids are saying these days.

Got a hot mess of thoughts on the recent Wine Bloggers' Conference I attended (without letting y'all know... who am I to impose my every living detail upon you?). Along with said hot mess, I also have a giant, red, plastic bucket full of thoughts about the general concept of making wine in Virginia, Virginia wine country, tiny dogs, and drinking wine out of a water bottle on an empty street in the middle of Charlottesville at 4 AM.

Yeah. A giant, red, plastic bucket.

Not sure if I want to bear solely my own feelings, or react to the praise/vitriol already splattered about the cyberspace by more timely and enterprising bloggers. Alas, before even considering that, I must catch up (see what I did there?) on the day job that has nothing to do with wine and (currently) everything to do with me acquiring American dollars to exchange for services and goods- many of those goods being wine. And a few beers. In a giant, red, plastic bucket...

...just like my thoughts. But tastier, and less harmful to brain cells.

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