Monday, September 13, 2010

A Precursor to "Blind Fury"

No, I'm not planning to rewrite the back story to (in my opinion) Rutger Hauer's finest stroke of acting prowess. But I did get my hands on four different wine glasses, and I decided to test them out blind. Granted, it wasn't very furious, but I couldn't find a Rutger Hauer movie titled "Blind Mild-Mannered Wine Experiments", so you're gonna have to work with me.

Which glass proved victorious? There was indeed a clear winner (and I'd love to hear from the crowd on any preferences out of the lineup). However, I was compelled by the Alan Parsons Project- and a song called "Sirius"- to build up the suspense...

...only later to let you down with a boring subsequent post. For now, we'll live in the moment, blind to what lies ahead.

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