Friday, August 27, 2010

A Band-Aid that's screwing up my "Booze in the News"

Settled down to write "Booze in the News" tonight. Got some great fodder for it, too.

But the cybernet had other plans. Turns out, the repeating images in the background (this little guy)-

-were overpowering the text. I set up my code for a white background to fall behind the text, but many web browsers weren't cooperating, so reading the blawg was damn near impossible. So, rather than writing another scintillating edition of "Booze in the News" (or "BITN", or "BIN", or just "BN", or "B"), I fidgeting with the stupid layout for hours. In the end, I just made everything white in the background, and I'm pissed about it, because I'm very proud of the neon silhouette of the unnamed hillbilly wino (oooh...naming contest coming soon).

Fortunately, my lovely wife, always diligent in the pursuit of quality content for BITN, found video of a story that I heard earlier this week and just had to showcase. Takes lots of "partying" to not realized what happened here. Sounds like this dude needs another drink like a hole in the head...

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