Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Tomorrow (which is practically today...I need regular sleep patterns), I will find out what the sex of my unborn child is (our first). Very exciting time. Betting pools will be paid out, nursery colors will be decided, and we'll finally be able to quit calling it "it".

I always figured that I'd buy a Jeroboam (that's 4 750-ml bottles worth) of nice Champagne for the birth day (sometime in June), but then I thought (as I often do...some may argue that's a lie), "maybe I need to get a celebration bottle for the boy/girl thing..."

So, I was wondering, oh 3 loyal readers: what's the prototypical "male" wine and the corresponding "female" wine? Red Bordeaux vs. Red Burgundy? Zinfandel vs. Pinot Blanc? If the kid is a hermaphrodite, do I need to buy a Rosé?

Just fishing for ideas and suggestions. I think this could be a fun experiment to see how everyones' thought processes go down. Points for creativity, humor, and reasoning.


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