Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Greatest Thing Ever, Ever

Yeah, I know you're sitting there, checking this website 500 times a day for the next post on Puerto Rican food. Yeah, right, and Soylent Green ISN'T made from people.

...RIP, Heston. We hardley knew ye.

So, I was working on that one, but had to brush up on a program for a project with the work that pays me more than $0.15 per Google Ad click.

Anyway, I messed around with it and came up with another installment of future Internet Celebrity Emeritus, Rob Fitzgerald. Study those dance moves; they may be part of a short-lived wedding line dance someday (and why hasn't a "Macarena 2" manifested itself yet?!).

I figure this is my best chance for some comments. I'm a middle child. I need validation:

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