Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cosmopolitan Redneck

It feels good when you're duped into thinking your website is getting some attention. So, when my buddy Brad said, "hey, you're website's getting some attention from me, and it's missing the voice of an Arkansas-born food snob," then I had to jump at the chance to bring him on.

So, welcome Brad Dickison (aka "Hog Wild", because he's a Razorback from U of A) to the blog. Brad will be eating his way around Atlanta, regularly trashing the concept of the "gastropub", and either bringing the IQ of this site up or down. Once in a while, he may even regale us with a tale of whiskey-washed shenanigans.
If you don't know who Brad is, he's my old roommate and a good friend. Here's a picture for some of you who don't know him:


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