Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bitter Beer Face

So, someone caught me passing out in my beer.

Wrong again, Flanders. I'm obviously going for a hilarious "mad dog" impression, covering my whiskers with the heady foam of a N'ice Chouffe, a decidedly dangerous (and delicious) strong Belgian winter ale. In fact, the bottle features pictures of little gnomes on it. Now, I like to think I can hold a drink (notice the Irish red in my beard), but I swear-you drink about 2 of these, and those friggin' gnomes start talking to you.

Anyway, I had more than two. Yikes! The hangover the next day was wicked, but it was worth the goodness served up by The Brick Store Pub, just east of downtown Atlanta. Hands down, THE BEST beer bar in my known universe if you're after the good stuff. There are two bars, one of them dedicated entirely to Belgian beers, if you're up to paying the price later (is it the wild yeasts and fermentation by-products in Belgians that make for such bad hangovers, or am I just getting old? Someone fill me in).

Thanks to my buddies Mariko and Brent for making me famous on the left coast.

Fortunately, my mad dog was not caught on film, as my feline-agility cleaned my face before they could capture it...my friend Dave is obviously amazed:


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